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Past papers of last 5 years of all universities for M.B.B.S students of basic Sciences(1st Prof) have been added. ------ Histology Slides for 1st Year MBBS have been added. ------- More past papers for 1st year MBBS have been added in Past papers section ----Prof paper of 2nd year 2012 (Bahria University) has been added in Past papers 2nd year MBBS section --- Dissection videos of pelvis and brain (2nd Year) has been added --- Histology slides of 2nd Year has been added

Physiology II Prof Paper 2012 - Bahria University(For YMDC)

Physiology II Prof Paper 2012 - Bahria University
(For Yusra Medical and Dental College)

Q1- Describe the role of basilar membrane in sound discrimination?  (5)
Q2-Draw and label taste bud ? describe the perception of salty taste ? (2+3)
Q3-Describe neuronal changes which take place after the hemisection spinal cord ? (5)
Q4- Describe the mechanism of referred pain ?              (5)


Q5-Describe the physiological functions of thyroid hormone ? (5)
Q6-Describe the difference between the functions of oxyticin and prolactin ? (5)
Q7-Describe the mechanism of concentrated urine formation ? (5)
Q8-Discuss the tubular processing in proximal tubules and distal convoluted tubules ? (3+2)